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Rahj singing in the studio
A Little Bit About Rahj
I’m Roger "Rahj" Keay. I’ve been in the music business for over 40 years and have worked with just about everybody in some capacity, as a recording engineer, old school [16-24 tr. analog tape] and on to Pro Tools, as a producer, arranger, session player, writer, and live player. I’ve been in all kinds of bands from top 40 to blues bands and in between. I’ve been a multi-instrumentalist with guitar as my main instrument, but I also play bass, keyboards, and harmonica.

I recently completed and released two Beach Jazz albums as a member of Rocco and Rahj, and those works can be found on Reverb Nation and Facebook.

I have recently been forced to become a full-time caregiver, and so no longer can play out, which is my favorite thing to do. So, being forced into the studio has given me the opportunity to work on a solo project.

My most recent endeavor, Soul Of The String, is now complete, with the songs I have currently here and on Reverb Nation. There are also several videos on YouTube in case you like to watch.

If you enjoy what you have heard here, please take a quick trip to my Facebook page and give me a like. I hope you enjoy listening to my music and receive as much pleasure doing so as I have had in creating it for you.

Check back often as I will be adding new tunes and there is another album in the works...hint: It’s not Beach Jazz but I’m sure you’ll like it...I do.